Nuovo Egg Coder

Manufactured by the company Nuovo, these egg-coding machines are offered from us in Germany. Especially with Moba Farmpackers with an output of 20,000 to 36,000 eggs per hour, these devices can show their potential. The printed image and the consumption of these devices will convince you!

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Data of the Egg-Jet Sprinter R1

  • Suitable for Mopack 55-70-85-100
  • Proven device design guarantees a long service life
  • Selector switch for 1-8 print texts, C for nozzle cleaning
  • Consumption of ink quantity adjustable (50% or 100%)
  • Minimal consumption costs due to refillable ink cartridges
  • Tested, food grade ink for egg labeling
  • Good font quality thanks to the height-adjustable printhead
  • 1- and / or 2-line labeling possible
  • Various fonts, signs and logos
  • Various automatic date functions
  • Pressure field: height: 4.2 mm, length: 25mm
  • Optional: Egg-Jet software for programming
  • Performance: maximum 36,000 eggs / hour