Extention Conveyors and Accumulator

Whether in a size of only 80x60cm for a hand-held packing machine or in a completely different dimension of 8x8m for one or more omnias, we deliver tables specially adapted to the customer’s wishes for the merging and collecting of eggs.

The frames of our tables are made completely of stainless steel, the conveyor mats of high quality plastic.

If you are interested, we will gladly prepare an offer tailored to your needs.

End conveyor M2500

As a special version of our collection tables, we offer a final outlet for the P2000 / M2500 egg grading machine. Here, the eggs, which are disposed of by default in a bucket, are gently stored on a table and transported to the pick-up point. This gives you an extra class on your sorting machine. These eggs can also be printed separately.

Accumulator for Egg Grader

We offer dosing devices for all common egg sorting machines. With these devices you can connect your machine directly to a stable conveyor / cross conveyor. The influx of eggs is metered via switches. Infeed guides and a vibrator cause the eggs to be individually threaded onto the roller feed.