Vacuum Egg Lifter

If you want to feed your Egg Grader by hand, our Egg Lifters come into play. This cost-effective alternative as a loading unit for small machines is characterised by its easy-to-handle design. The required air flow is generated by a small, supplied ring compressor. By this air flow the eggs are gently picked up by the hump and can be put down on the machine again by simply pressing a button. We offer the following variants:

V30A – 30 Egg lifter
V30B – 30 Egg Lifter with adjustable ZigZag
V12A – 12 Egg Lifter
V6A – 6 Egg Lifter

The 12 Egg Lifter can also be used to pack 12er or 10er into Packages.

The V30B is a special Egg Lifter with is switchable from 6×5 to Zig Zag for repacking 30s layers to hatchery orders (Jamesway, ChickMaster, Victoria or similar).