Meggline Egg Palletizer

The logical complement to the Meggbot TP100: The new Meggline TP150 egg palletizer. Even more convenient operation with a capacity of up to 54,000 eggs/hour, two plate positions and magazines for pallets and layer pads.

The Meggline TP150 has multiple loading points for more capacity and the ability to palletize 2 types. At the same time, the machine remains compact and affordable. The inventory of pallets and multiple pallet locations and layer pads yet compact and affordable.

Compact and affordable
Unique to the Meggline TP150 is its compact layout with 4 pallet locations. Great labor saving: the Meggline is positioned as a solution between the Meggbot TP100 and the robot TP300

The main features are:

  • Dimensions of 5,5 x 2m
  • Several pallet places
  • Places for pallet stacks and intermediate layers
  • Simple touch screen operation
  • Only 230V connection required
  • No compressed air required
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Low noise thanks to toothed belt
  • Precise positioning with the help of servo motors and own PLC control system
  • 54.000 eggs/hour with sufficient buffer


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