Meggbot TP100 Egg Palletizer

Are you looking for a compact and affordable solution to have your eggs automatically palletised? Then we have the right solution for you. The Meggbot is based on a unique concept that is suitable for farm packers of all brands up to a capacity of 36.000 eggs/hour. The high capacity allows poultry farmers to save time and make their work easier.

The integrated layer pad magazine has a capacity of 16 layers and is filled automatically by placing a pallet of layer pads in the Meggbot. During palletising, the Meggbot automatically places the layer pads on the pallet.

The Meggbot is equipped with sensors that continuously monitor the filling level of the pallets. Poultry farmers who want to pack their poultry houses separately also have the option of placing an already partially filled pallet in the machine. The Meggbot automatically scans the fill level on the pallet and then further palletises this pallet.

The operation of the machine is simple and takes place via a touch screen. The integrated light barriers ensure safe protection when entering the working area.

The most important features are:

  • floor area only 1950x2170mm with a height of 2600mm
  • M’eggbot with a height of 6 stacks > 2900mm
  • Simple touch screen operation
  • Magazine for up to 16 intermediate plates
  • no compressed air required
  • Plate parts made entirely of stainless steel
  • Low noise thanks to toothed belt
  • Precise positioning with the aid of servo motors and own PLC control system
  • Due to the slow speed, no shut-off is required, but safety sensors are available all around.
  • 36,000 eggs/hour with sufficient buffer
  • Application optionally with integrated weighing device